“Mon Chasha” Is A Blend Of Authentic Village Culture, Pure Earthen Tradition, The Cultural Heritage Of A Speed Less Rural Life And A True Sentiment Of Natural India. “Mon Chasha” Is An Authentic Rural Based Sustainable Eco Tourism Initiative Over At Village Paushi, East Midnapore, West Bengal, India.

“Mon Chasha” Is A Journey, A Theme Of Consciousness In The Global Tourism Arena By Creating A Sustainable Ecotourism Module With Social Responsibility :: Promote, Inspire, Develop, Support And Respect.

monchasha :: what

“Mon chasha” is our latest rural based sustainable ecotourism module operating with a social responsibility over at village Paushi, east Midnapore, bengal. “Mon chasha” is a blend of authentic village culture, pure earthen tradition, the cultural heritage of a speed less rural life and a true sentiment of natural India. Last twenty months report says; …

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monchasha :: why

across the world the trends of industrialization and development have had an urban centric approach. alongside, the stresses of urban lifestyles have led to a “counter-urbanization” syndrome. this has led to growing interest in the rural areas. rural tourism is one of the few activities which can provide a solution to these problems.   for …

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monchasha :: where

The Road Route From Kolkata : Kolkata – Vidyasagar Setu – Uluberia – Bagnan – Kolaghat – Nimtori – Nandakumar – (Towards Digha) Chandipur – Henria – Kalinagar Bus Stop For Your Reference :: Nandakumar To Kalinagar Bus Stop Is 35 Km only   * If you miss to track noting the Kilometer at “Nandakumar …

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